Brighten - Hydrate - Exfoliate - Protect

Glow is All You Seed! Best-Sellers Set


A glow-boosting skin sampler featuring four of our best-selling heroes, all carry-on approved and designed to deliver nonstop radiance and moisture.

What more you need to know:
This four-piece set covers all your skin care bases—hydration, exfoliation, and brightening—to boost glow, nourish, and leave skin unbelievably soft.

  • Miracle Seed Essence: A sweep of this concentrated essence packed with amino acid-rich lotus seeds extract does a lot of heavy lifting to smooth texture, improve tone, increase hydration, and help protect from environmental stressors at the same time. Bonus: It comes with 10 extra-soft unbleached cotton pads.
  • Alpine Berry Water Cream: The Alpine Berry Complex™ made with antioxidant-rich wild strawberry sprouts and blackberries in this skin-softening cream drench skin in lasting moisture and nourishment without feeling the least bit greasy.
  • Mild Facial Peeling Gel: An easy-does-it, less abrasive exfoliator with clarifying broccoli sprout extract that gently buffs away dead surface cells to help improve texture so it feels silky-soft. It also leaves behind an innovative, barrier-protecting bio polymer film that forms an invisible shield against environmental factors.
  • Clean Berry Lip Mask: Loaded with essential fatty acid-rich seaberry and nourishing rice bran wax, this deliciously-rich, balm-to-gloss mask helps softens, smoothes, and refreshes parched, flaky lips fast. It's formulated without mineral oils, including petroleum and paraffin wax.
Mineral oil
Animal-derived ingredients
Synthetic colorants
Artificial fragrances
Imidazolidinyl urea

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